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Security Products

CP plus are the leaders in manufacturing and providing CCTV cameras in Patna with high quality cameras that are developed using latest technology. We value the security of people in our country and worldwide, which is why we have high grade security systems manufactured using International Standards and there are several big companies and public places using CCTV cameras or other security devices by CP plus. With usage of high quality lenses and latest operating systems, our products provide enhanced security with clear images and videos even in less light or no light.

Indoor & Outdoor Surveillance

Now you can relax completely and work with a free mind while CP plus security systems take care of your safety in an accurate manner. All of us want safer environment for our loved ones and cannot think of any trouble stepping into our life. CP plus security systems provide you with power to prevent the trouble that approaches you with consistent performance in security.

Bio-Metric Attendence

. It is an investment that will be fruitful in the long term and you can easily monitor your watchman, employees or other people to be safe from mishaps. 
Since your security is a challenge in today’s world, CP plus security systems contemplate that with an infusion of latest technology in their products, you can get enhanced protection with these intelligent systems that alert you during times of emergencies. We have breakthrough products for your protection and prevention of theft or crimes and you can purchase comprehensive products that are advanced and manufactured using cutting edge technology to provide augmented safety. As it is very difficult to hire a security guard for your personal use, so you can get protection through ultimate security systems by CP plus CCTV cameras in Patna and other products.

Burglar Alaram System

You can have a watchful eye on your home and office through different types of cameras that help you stay on guard in case of emergencies. In case of any security breach, theft, crime or even fire in the building, you can get a warning beforehand by one glance at your laptop or mobile and these CCTV cameras are easy to install with wireless systems. Automatic lock help in the prevention of crimes and Fingerprint Biometric ensures that no unknown person enters the office without permission. Video door phone helps you in talking to the visitors from the entrance before letting them in and all this technology has been designed using advanced techniques that take care of your security in every way.

Baggage Scanner

Shopping malls and other public places can also be made safe for everyone with CP plus CCTV cameras installed and monitored every time and they can prevent shoplifting, molestation of women or any other crime by providing footage of every corner. You can contact CP plus CCTV camera distributors to get them installed wherever required and concentrate on your work with complete peace of mind.

Fire Alarm System

CP plus Patna is leading world leader of security surveillance solution such as CCTV Camera, access control, home solutions, video door phone, and electronic safe, IP Camera, Biometric, HD Camera, DVR and NVR. We have ideal security camera solutions for home, offices, residential complex, industries, banking, education, hospitality, health care, police, real estate, retail, safe city and transport. CP plus CCTV Camera is not only in technology and product development but also customer service as well in Patna. CP Plus is focused quality, reliability and technology as well as known for depth of experience. Patna is emerging country of world and highly focuses on safety and security of citizens. CP plus Patna is committed to provide CCTV Camera at low price for every Patna citizen. CP plus is highly concentrate on research and innovation of future technology in Security surveillance solutions Industries.

Metal Detector Door

CP Plus world is committed to provide CCTV Camera such as IP & HD Camera, Biometric Access Control, Door Lock, Safe, and Video Door Phone to Banking, Education, Hospitality, and Police, Real estate, Retail, safe city and transport. CP Plus products used in different application of general life as well as commercial purpose such as Petrol Pump, Toll Plaza, Bank ATM, School, Collage, Factory, Offices, Warehouses, Jewelry Showroom, Hotels, Restaurant, Shopping Complex, Mall, Housing Society, Farm Houses, Manufacturing Units, Departmental store, Sort Complex, flats and many more. CP Plus world is providing CCTV Camera solution for every application in different and innovative way. Now is the time of IP Camera 4k technology in Patna. We have special products for retail as well as commercial. Video surveillance solution of CP Plus is available in HD Technology as well as IP Technology.

Video Door Phone